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YouTube vs Netflix a brief comparison! Which one is better?

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Youtube vs Netflix is a question that struck in many minds while choosing to brows of a movie.

Netflix reigns supreme among video streaming services. It has been around for a long time and offers a range of on-demand TV shows and movies for a reasonably low monthly fee.

YouTube TV is a skinny package subscription that allows you to watch live cable TV channels. It’s one of Google’s online offerings.


YouTube Red has recently gotten a lot of attention as a potential Netflix rival. It’s YouTube’s brand new subscription service, which promises no commercials, original material, and access to YouTube Music’s premium content. (Music, by the way, is not available on Netflix.) Netflix and YouTube, on the other hand, have been playing two completely different games up until now. YouTube is for user-generated content, while Netflix is for original programming and programming from other networks.

Here’s our comparison of the two services, as well as our recommendation on which one would provide you with the most value.

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What You Can Watch! Netflix movies browsing YouTube videos?

  • If you want to watch your favourite network TV show live, or at least as soon as it airs, YouTube TV might be the better choice.
  • There’s no guarantee that Netflix will have an offer to watch your favourite shows, and even if it does, you’ll have to wait for each season to air before it becomes available on Netflix. You can stream new episodes of network TV shows as soon as they air on YouTube TV.
  • Netflix has a library of exclusive TV shows as well as previous seasons of other shows. YouTube TV is basically cable television, but in the form of a streaming “skinny pack.” You’re limited to what Netflix has to sell with Netflix. YouTube TV gives you access to all that’s on traditional cable TV channels, as well as the ability to pay extra for HBO and other premium networks.
  • Netflix makes up for the lack of live TV coverage with movies. Netflix has a huge library of movies to choose from, including some Netflix-produced originals. If you’ve already seen what you want to see, the library is constantly expanding, giving you new opportunities to check out. Netflix also brings in several big-name films from time to time. Many platforms like netnaija are available with all Netflix series too.
  • Unfortunately, YouTube TV does not treat movies as well as it can. YouTube TV functions similarly to cable TV when you’re subscribed to a skinny package TV plan. The majority of the movies you’ll see will be edited for television and shown on channels like AMC and FX. YouTube TV offers on-demand viewing of recently aired films, but the selection is small, and you’ll still be dealing with edited-for-TV versions of movies. You can also make your own on-demand content by recording movies and watching them later using the cloud DVR.


Advertisement policy 

On the one hand, we understand why advertisements exist: they help to subsidise the expense of broadcasting a TV show or a movie, lowering your cable or streaming television bill.

We don’t mind them in certain circumstances! Brands, on the other hand, are welcoming themselves into your living room to try to sell you things, and you have no control over the situation.

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How much is it worth to you to be able to skip advertisements?

Netflix is completely free and ad-free, which will make the viewing experience even more enjoyable. All you have to do is turn on Netflix on your TV, smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you’re using and watch without interruption.

There are no commercials in any of Netflix’s programming, regardless of whether you want a movie or a TV show.

Ads appear on YouTube TV, but there are a few ways to stop them if you really want to. They’ll be pretty much inevitable if you’re watching a live TV show or movie.


Commercial breaks are a part of almost any cable TV channel, and since YouTube TV is a skinny package of cable TV channels, it will have them and fill them with commercials.

You can miss the commercials and get back to your entertainment if you watch a DVR recording later. But only if you watch it at a different time.

How Much Can You Spend on both?

  • Netflix will easily win this category if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on streaming content. There are three different Netflix pricing tiers to choose from. Depending on if you want HD video and how many people you expect to use your account at the same time, you will pay $8.99 for the Basic tier (SD video, one stream), $12.99 for the Standard tier (HD video, two simultaneous streams), or $15.99 for the Premium tier (HD video, three simultaneous streams) (4K UHD video, four simultaneous streams). You have complete control over how much you spend on Netflix — as long as it’s one of those three figures.
  • To be honest, YouTube TV is a lot more expensive. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever paid for cable TV service, because those channels aren’t cheap! The good news is that YouTube TV is still less expensive than traditional cable and satellite services.
  • Just one kit is available on YouTube TV, and it costs $64.99. While it is definitely less expensive than cable TV, if you just want to watch a TV show or a movie for a night of entertainment every now and then, YouTube TV might not be as good a deal as Netflix. If live TV is important to you, you can compare YouTube TV to competitors such as AT & T TV Now, Philo, and Sling TV.


YouTube v/s Netflix a brief. Which one is better?

As we previously said, the winner of this competition will be determined by what you choose to watch. Netflix will give you the most bang for your buck if you enjoy the exclusives Netflix has to sell, or if you’re just a casual TV and movie fan.

If you need live programming, whether it’s because Netflix doesn’t have the shows you like, you’re trying to prevent spoilers, or you enjoy live sports, you’ll probably opt for YouTube TV, despite the cost.

Live television isn’t cheap. Netflix is probably the better deal in terms of sheer value for your money. If you want live TV, however, a service like YouTube TV might be worth the extra money. Consider giving both services a try before deciding which one is best for you.



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