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What is traveling? why do people travel?

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Why do people travel? What is travelling? 

Everyone in the world does travel. But, Why do people travel?  Travelling has now become the most important element in our life.

It is considered as one of the biggest industry in the world. When a person is going outside from home for multi-purpose it is considered as travelling.

Peoples go for jobs business and other purposes are also participating to enhance this industry.

Sometimes life forces us to think about the reality of travelling, at least what travelling is? Then our mind goes towards the reality of travelling.

Beautiful Travel places

One of the most beautiful place

Not only humans, as well as animals and birds also travel somewhere at any time. Most people travel to meet their beloved ones, either they travel to other cities to meet their beloved ones or into other countries. After getting that what is travelling? There are several aims of travelling.


Reasons for Travelling

There are too many reasons for travelling. Some people do travel to meet their relatives and to meet their friends.

Some people do travel for fun, enjoyment and to spend their holidays. Travelling is a very good and popular hobby. There are so many youngsters who consider travelling as their hobby.

There could be many more reasons for travelling like some people do travel to make memories and some do travel for new taste and to open their minds.

Types of Travelling. why do people travel?

There are so many types of travelling. People always don`t do travel only out of the country. When they go to visit someone near to their home or in the same city on a bike or bicycle is also a type of travelling. There are so many more types of vehicles and sources to travel from one place to another

As well as travelling also increasing the industrial business because travelling in the same city or in the same country is done through vehicles like as; bikes, buses and cars.

Planning is also a main part of travelling. Preparation is necessary for travelling to other countries other cities or other states. The arrangement should be according to the way of your destination. If you are going through the train then there should be different preparation and planning, and if you are going by air then there are some different plans you have to make before travelling.

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Role of travelling into industries

Basically, travelling plays an important part in increasing industrial business.

With the increase of population demand for vehicles and the demand for every source used for travelling is increasing day by day.

Car making companies are introducing new models day by day according to the demand of people.

As well as the production of bikes, bicycles and autos are also increasing day by day.

Industry godown

Role of travelling in industries

Why do people travel? The reason is that people travel because travelling is the basic need of people`s lives. They have to travel to go into their offices to their shops or to their homes after work.

The answer to this question, “what is travelling?” is into different phrases and one of them is that “move from one place to another is travelling”.


You can make your travelling with full of fun and entertainment. Make a plan before you travel anywhere.

Take complete first aid box with you

Check the weather in the city or country where you are travelling

Have some clothes according to the temperature of your destination

Plan your trip through a professional travel agent or you can visit any travel agency near to your home

Before you travel purchase travel insurance for your trip

Keep your wallet properly and check it before leaving your home

Make sure that you have issued air tickets and confirm hotel booking before you travel

Keep the pictures of your passport, visa, hotel reservation and tax number on your mobile phone

You have to know about your destination, what type of people living there, what are the traditional dishes, which is their national language and many more.

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Why do people travel?

People travel because of so many reasons.

Some people travel to make new friends

People travel to different countries to learn about them

One of the main purpose to travel into other countries for their better future or to do some type of jobs there for more earning

Some people travel to get experience in other countries

Most people travel to make new friends and new relationships, and some travels to meet their religious satisfaction.

Earning through travelling

Travelling is most of the famous business in the world.

According to statista.com “The travel agency industry in the United States is projected to generate 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020, up from around 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and about 12.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2010.”

The travel agency industry in all over the world due to their sales department their sales reaching 108.09 billion U.S dollars in 2019






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