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What is SEO? Black hat seo vs White hat SEO, A guide

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White hat SEO vs black hat SEO which you should choose at the beginning of your website.

Search engine optimization is the movement of bettering the condition and volume of website transport to a website or a web page from Browser.


SEO purpose of unpaid transport rather than straight traffic or compensated traffic.


A search engine is an operating system that is constructed to import out web searches, which routed to explore the World Wide Web in a standardized fashion for specific knowledge stated in a textual web hunt objection


Premium and free online SEO tools are utilized to optimize the content and website for search engines.

What to do in beginning?

There are numerous online tools that can be used for this aim by combining them together for better SEO results.


For instance, paraphrasing tool and plagiarism checker can be used for content writing.


Keywords explorer and readability checker can be used to avoid keyword stuffing.


Beginners mostly get confused how to do SEO? and which one to pick to get a position on first page of SERP?

According to some experts, there are 2 types of SEO

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

It’s all about Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO.

Here we will explore them deeply.

Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO

White hat SEO

This method is time taking and very interesting to do fill with a sea of knowledge and long-lasting.

The simple means of this terms is “Follow the law and conquer the web world” apart from that this is time taking method but this method is still used to get a good position in search engine.

This technique keeps Google satisfied regarding the progress of your website.

Here are some main components in White hat SEO;




  • Quality content

Quality content is very important in white hat SEO, it helps you to generate quality backlinks and also helps to get ranked on the top page of Google.

It provides a good user experience, as we know “Content is King” it has the most important place in SEO.

Quality content means to engage your audience for more and more time to decrease the bounce rate and increase dwell time.


  • Content-relevant keywords.


Content related Keyword is very important in content it indicates your audience about the theme of your content that the reader is going to read.

  • Keyword-rich page titles and metadata.

A page title can be called as title tag is a precise confession of a webpage and emerge at the cap of a browser window and in SERPs

Metadata epitomize key advice regarding the dossier, which can make searching and employ with distinct details of data easier.

How to Write Perfect Page Titles for SEO

  1. Make Each Page Title Unique. Every page of your website should be unique, and so should its page title and meta description. …
  2. Use uncommon object Keywords.
  3. Don’t Make Them Too Short.
  4. Don’t Make Them Too Lengthy.
  5. Write for Humans, Not Robots.


  • Authoritative inbound links.

The inbound link means a backlink to your website from another website most likely organic and relevant.

A good number of inbound links means a good number of ballots towards your validity and jurisdiction.


  • Simple website navigation.

Navigation of website means a sitemap it can help you to where you have to navigate the audience to their favourite content or category.

  • Fast page loading times.

Your site must have fast page loading, it can get you a good audience and get your site optimized.

A site visitor always in hurry and want to get your site load in no time.


Above are some techniques of white hat SEO, which can be used to make you’re your site unique and get optimized hurry.

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Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO can be described as a shortcut to rank high on search engine by breaking the law of Google.

It’s still practised on many areas of the world and with it, they are making money by providing these services.


It’s a tip to avoid this type of technique for improving the search engine ranking.

There are several risks involved in adopting a black hat SEO.

Here are some highlighted techniques of black hat SEO.

1. It Can Negatively Impact Your Search Rankings and Visibility

Though it’s a shortcut technique so it gives you a good ranking for a short time but after some time it will impact negatively on your site’s ranking and traffic.

If your site lost the credibility and traffic that will also impact on alteration and stocks of that site.


2. It Won’t Drive Long-Term Results

Though it’s a shortcut technique so it’s result will be like short time fame and after sometimes it will lose its credibility.


While it’d take the time for Google to decide that a domain participates in unethical approaches, once it occurs a great loss of traffic is necessary.

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3. Typically Results in A Poor User Experience

Though in this technique user experience not considered as the main aim.

In SEO user experience is most important, while this technique is used to just make money not getting users it is not considered in this technique.

Some Black hat SEO tactics to avoid

You should avoid black hat SEO techniques, here are some major black hat SEO techniques that you must have to avoid.

1.    Keyword Stuffing 

Avoid repeating your main keyword in the content.

2.    Automatically Generated/Duplicate Content

Create your own content that must unique and not plagiarized.

3.    Hidden Text

Hidden text is computer verse that is visible in such a mean as to be hidden or indecipherable


4.    Doorway/Gateway Pages

Build pages that aim particularly search queries with verse designed to act only as a funnel to one page is treated an offence of Google’s guidelines.

5.    Cloaking

Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines.

6.    Paid/Manipulative Links

Considered to buy a do-follow link from 3rd party site and tagged as a sponsored post.

7.    Misused Structured Data and Rich Snippets

This commonly means applying structured data to give factually fake information

8.    Misleading Redirects

Misleading redirects can harm your site’s fame and ranking

9.    Negative SEO

Don’t go against Google’s rules because it won’t work for you for a long time.

Final words

Mostly beginners unknowingly go with black hat SEO techniques and after sometime when the site doesn’t get the fame as they were expected.

There is a choice in Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO and mostly SEO expert prefers white hat SEO techniques instead of black hat SEO.

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