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Ways to Keep Your Blog Organized

by itworldofi
Ways to Keep Your Blog Organized

Last Updated on February 5, 2023 by itworldofi

Pick a Cloud Storage Service

We all know the feeling of losing a night’s work to a computer meltdown. The stakes are high for bloggers who have their next months’ worth of content stored up on a hard drive. 

By using a cloud storage system, you can avoid the stress of losing all of your work due to technological failure. 

You can also be sure that all of your up and coming content is secure and ready to publish. With effective labeling and organization of these files, publication is a breeze! 

List Down Everything You Need to Organize

Creating lists is a highly effective way to organize anything. Creating daily or weekly lists of tasks will clear your mind, allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than thinking too far ahead. 

For the best list efficiency, opt for a monthly, weekly, and daily list that you prepare at the start of each timeframe. 

With each item ticked off the list, you’ll feel a release of pressure and will be one step closer to your meta-goals. 

Design Folder Hierarchies Accordingly

File your documents in order of importance so that, as you log on to your computer everyday, you’ll waste no time in searching for your task for that day. 

One of the worst things you can do at the start of the working day is trawl through a mess of irrelevant files! This is distracting and can even be mildly distressing to those already feeling unorganized. 

Though it seems like a simple thing, having everything in order this way will make your workload easier for your brain to manage. You’ll be able to dive straight into your first task of the day without any added stress.

Move Old Files 

Don’t let old files take up space! In moving them elsewhere, such as onto your cloud storage, you can get them out of sight and out of mind. 

It can also be a good idea to delete files so that they do not take up valuable storage space and end up in a huge mass of untouched files 20 years from now — nobody wants to deal with that mess. 

This way, you avoid having to scroll past them on the way to your current task each day, and it will make for a clearer, easier to navigate folder. 

Decide on a File Name System

Creating an effective file naming system will advance your efficiency by making navigation of your folders smoother. 

You might use numbers or dates to order your files, or one of these in combination with a short title. Color coding is another great option for categorizing your work and adding some brightness to your day!

Make Filing System Routine

Your ideas, notes, images, and information should all be filed away categorically in a system that you use routinely. 

If you are working within a team, it’s important that each team member adopts the routine so that everybody can access files with ease and without the need for assistance from another team member. 

If files are not systematically categorized and stored appropriately, you risk the loss of great resources that could have informed your content. 

You never know when these resources may come in handy for future posts, so it is a good idea to categorize by theme where possible. This way, if a post topic comes up in future, you can revisit the resource and file it safely away again for the next use. 

Be Consistent and Review It Periodically

Maintaining consistency throughout your blog in terms of style, tone, theme, and timing is so important. 

To be sure that you are maintaining consistency, it’s essential that you review your blog periodically.

It may be that doing so keeps you on track, or inspires you to transform some elements of your blog. Don’t be afraid to delete older posts that no longer feel like they belong!

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