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Tips on Christmas Rug Décor

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Christmas is just around the corner and we are all scrambling to put up the tree and the lights, get the perfect fruitcake ready, and do up our home with ornaments and wreaths. But what about the largest visual space in your home- your floors?


Your room décor can never be complete without a beautiful rug. Especially, during the festive season, you just cannot leave your floors looking empty and incomplete. And most importantly, a rug holds the room’s décor together.

But with endless choices of rugs available, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Now you don’t have to go looking for ideas anywhere. Our experts have put together the top floor styling tips to make your house even more stunning this Christmas.


Rug Runners


Rug Runners can be placed anywhere in your house for adding a bit of cheer to the surrounding space. You can place them near your doorway, hallway, and even on the stairs. Even better if they are Christmas-themed. Choose from motifs such as that of Santa, reindeers, Snoopy, bells, frosty sceneries, etc. Or you can choose rugs with cheery messaging that wishes your guests a Merry Christmas.


Dining Room and Kitchen Rugs


If you haven’t put rugs in your dining area during the year, Christmas is the time to do so. After all, this is the time when the entire family gets together for cozy dinners and dessert. This makes it the perfect time to wow everyone with your choice of stunning rugs. Nothing says Christmas more than a warm deep-red or rich emerald green coloured rug. To make your dining area appear more warm and inviting, choose rugs with bright patterns and see them become the centre of attention.


Living Room Rugs


Christmas is all about an old-fashioned vibe. It’s about inviting friends in and sharing the magic of Christmas. Everyone first steps into your living room area.

This is also where the beautiful Christmas tree is usually placed. All the more reason to do up your living area. For lending a classy and elegant appeal to your living area, you can never go wrong with an antique Persian rug. With its intriguing patterns and figures imbued with mystical symbolism, every such rug is a story in itself.

To create a beautiful fusion between the snowy Christmas spirit and the traditional Middle Eastern vibe, you can choose rugs in colours such as rich green, deep maroon, gold, and dusty whites. At our store, you can browse for the latest living room carpet collections.


A pro tip: Instead of using the rug on the floor, make it a piece of art by hanging it on the floor and seeing how it transforms your living area.


Under-the-Christmas-Tree Rug


We don’t often think about placing a rug under the Christmas tree. But not only does it accentuate the beauty of your tree, even more, but it is a functional idea too. This rug protects your floor from getting scratched by either the tree’s trunk or its pointy needles. It also absorbs liquids and hides dirt.


Since your tree is often the most photographed area of your house, you should choose a rug that’s photogenic and stands out. You can either select subtle neutral colours such as ivory or gold or choose ones with Christmas motifs like bells are spruce twigs.


Kids’ room rugs


If you have kids, and they share the excitement of Christmas, this year think of replicating the magical winter wonderland-like time of Christmas in their room. Along with all the cute streamers, mini wreaths and Christmas trees, throw in a chunky fluffy rug for the kids. The rug will become their favourite play area to sit around with their friends. If the décor of their room is earthier, you can choose a rustic jute rug to complete the look.


Fireplace Area Rug


In winters, your fireplace hearth is where you spend most of your time. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee with a book, present opening time, or just putting your feet up with a drink, all happens around the fireplace. So why not accentuate the place with a chic rug to make it look even warmer and inviting. At our Calgary area rugs store, you can choose from gorgeous rugs in neoclassical, geometric, or earthy cabin-style rugs.


These new season ideas will inspire you to be versatile to get that beautiful holiday spirit into your home. Just ensure to keep your overall décor in mind while selecting the rugs. For more such ideas and tips, meet the design and décor specialists at our carpet store in Calgary.




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