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The Ultimate Portable Entertainment System-KENWOOD-NX-1300 A review

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For over ten years, Kenwood has provided the intelligent and stylish Ultra Handy Keypad for smart phones, mobile computers, handheld media players, laptops, and personal digital assistants (PDA).

The KENWOOD NX-1300 is a superior small-sized yet powerful keypad for your electronics. The rugged, ergonomically friendly, and high-performance small form factor keyboard is coupled with a fully responsive touch-sensitive screen for quick and easy input and control.

Walkie talkie

The new Kenwood Nexedge smartphone keyboard offers a high-performance on-screen smartphone keyboard and a neat user interface for your needed smartphone.

There are several Kenwood nx-1300, including the standard, microSD, and free trial models. The standard keyboard offers on-screen keys and can be easily changed to a 7-way switch keyboard for greater input control and comfort. The microSD model can get up to 2.5GB of memory and support microSDHC and SDHC cards.

A standard keypad that has been in use for over a decade is enhanced for the new Kenwood NX 1300 with various handy features and functions.

One handy function is a two-way radio that can be used for hands-free communication. The second-way radio lets you connect through Bluetooth or Blue tooth technology.

You can even connect through a USB. If you wish, you can even set up an alarm using the Kenwood nx 1300 with either radio or voice call.

The Kenwood NX1300 also has the UHF 400-470 MHz 64 ch no Dial setting and standard keypad and volume controls. The UHF 400-470 MHz is a high-frequency radio that offers premium range audio and talk times.

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With this radio, you get more than eighty music, audio channels, digital channels, including satellite radio and classic rock radio. There are also four channels of talk time. This is perfect for your needs if you are traveling and want reliable communication during your travels.

You will enjoy superior handsomeness and maximum performance when you connect your Kenwood nx 1300 with the UHF-powered two-way radio.

Walkie talkie

The Kenwood UHF two-way radio allows you to change stations any time with a touch of a button. The Kenwood two-way radio is a great tool for vacation enjoyment as well as business travel.

The UHF radio works with any battery, including the nickel-cadmium kind, so you will be able to enjoy hours of listening pleasure. You will not run out of airtime in either direction or in-between stations.

When you have longed for the sound of your favorite jazz, hip hop, rock, pop, or country music, you can now experience these sounds through the Kenwood nx 1200 or nx 1300 UHF radios.

You can make phone calls, surf the internet, take instant messages or even check your e-mail on the go with the power of a single touch.

When you want to listen to the latest in entertainment technology, there is only one name you need to remember, and that is Kenwood. The durability and performance of the Kenwood radios are unmatched in quality.

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