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The precious three – Antique, Vintage, and Estate. Know them well before you buy one.

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If you are looking for the most unique and the newest in fashion and jewelry, that is both eye-catching and original, then you should plan for something antique. Classic vintage, retro, and vintage styles are timeless and can never be out of fashion. The right piece of age-old jewelry like vintage gemstone rings undoubtedly makes a lasting impression on everyone around.

Vintage Jewelry

 The term ‘Vintage’ is a very broad one. As for jewelry, the term vintage refers to an authentic piece or may also be a new one that is vintage-inspired. In simple words, vintage jewelry can be defined as a piece of jewelry that is lesser than 100 years old, but also older than 50 years.

After the 1920s, fashion, main jewelry was identified as per its era, like the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, the Retro era, and the Art Deco era. Each era is represented by its uniqueness in style, boldness in design, and flamboyant styles. Some of these jewelry designs became so popular that they are still adorned today, like the Vintage Art Deco Jewelry. Gold was commonly used and was the metal of choice, which later paved way for platinum in the later years.

The most convincing and encouraging part of a vintage piece of jewelry if you own one is, that is after a few years, it will become more precious and sought after once it turns antique.

Antique Jewelry

 Antique jewelry is more than 100 years of age. These are highly exclusive pieces of jewelry and are rare. They are precious pieces that have history attached with each piece, and mainly because of their age.

The characteristic of an antique piece of jewelry is determined by the decade it comes from. In some eras, like the Georgian era, pieces of jewelry were hand-made, and only a few exclusive and delicate pieces are available for sale today. These pieces of jewelry are very rare and precious and are often uniquely and intricately crafted by the then artisans.


Estate Jewelry

 You might think that estate jewelry is those jewelry pieces that have been passed from one generation to the next and are very old. But actually, estate jewelry can be any piece of jewelry that has been previously owned, irrespective of how old it is. Since a piece of estate jewelry has been previously owned, it can be considered old and rare in some of its capacity. It is because rarely someone would sell jewelry as soon as he or she purchases it and since the piece has been with someone for some years, they can either be vintage or antique pieces too. Estate jewelry can be of one-of-a-kind design, and can also be personalized.

It is always a thrill to buy a rare and old piece of jewelry. The uniqueness and rare piece of value are all that you can always expect from an age-old piece of jewelry. Many jewelry enthusiasts buy vintage and antique pieces of jewelry as a memento and want to enjoy the experience of the bygone era. The factor that influences the price and pride of these jewelry pieces are:

  • Their uniqueness (one of a kind)
  • The best that money can buy
  • Their exceptional quality, and
  • The piece of history that is attached to every piece of vintage or antique jewelry

These days it is not at all difficult to find pieces of vintage and antique jewelry. You can even get them online. Buying a piece of old jewelry, you need to be a little smart and know about differentiating the real from the fake. Do some research before you buy one.

















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