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Six Main Things to Consider While Travelling

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If you want to travel to different countries in the world you should have to complete the preparation before you travel anywhere.

Travelling is a very good hobby.

There are so many options for you to travel to a world where you can go with a valid visa or preparation.

There are six main things you should have before travelling.

1.     Passport:

Passport is the main thing you should have before you leave your country.

First of all, everyone should have a valid passport before travelling to any country. You have to check that your passport has validity for more than six months to expire.

Most of the countries allow only at least six months valid passport. Travelling can be for different reasons e.g. for visit, for employment or also travelling can be for a business tour.

After you have a valid passport the visa is the 2nd main thing that you should have for the country where you want to travel.

Different countries have different requirements to apply for a visa. Most of the countries allow entry with only passport and visa on arrival.

There are some countries mentioned where they allow entry with Pakistani passport without visa or visa on arrival:


* Cambodia



*Middle East Qatar (you must have visa on arrival)

As well as some estates of Africa also allow Pakistani`s citizen without a visa or with visa on arrival.

2.     Visas

Most of the countries allow visitors only with a valid visa and also they have requirements to enter in their bounds. After you decided the country where you want to travel you have to check the requirements of visa for that country such as if you want to travel in Thailand.

If you really want fun and most beautiful place to visit, Thailand is the best country to travel.

Here we will discuss the things you require before you apply for Thailand`s visa. These requirements will be for Pakistani passport.

Thailand Visa Requirements

*Original passport (07 months valid)

*Previous passport (If any)

*In case if you have lost your any previous passport then the police report (FIR) in English format is must have required

*Two blue background passport size pictures

*Two visa forms

*Clear CNIC copy of the applicant

*Request letter on company letterhead

*Copy of certificate of NTN (National Tax Number)

*Personal account maintenance certificate with signed and stamped from bank authorities

*Copy of all documents of the company

*FRC (Family Relation Certificate) in case of a family (any member)

*Issued air ticket

*Health certificate

*Hotel booking

These things are must have required to apply visa for Thailand

3.     Money:

Money is also the main thing you should have to travel and survive in any country.

Every country has its own currency wherever you want to go you should have the currency of that country.

Such as if you want to go to America you should have Dollars and if you want to travel in Malaysia you should have ringgits and if you want to visit Thailand you should have Thai baht.

After getting your visa you should have to visit a money exchange office to exchange your present currency with dollars if you are going to America or wherever you are travelling you have to exchange your currency with the related currency of that country where you are travelling. As well as you can keep debit cards with you so that you can face any trouble if it occurs.

4.     Medicines:

Medicines are also very necessary before travelling. Now a day most of the countries required PCR test for COVID-19 before entering that country.

You must have medicines before travelling to any country because the change in weather can affect your health anytime.

Many countries have different weathers such as summer and winter autumn and if current weather of your country is summer and you are travelling to Russia then you should have complete preparation for going into very cold weather because in Russia whole year this country has a very low temperature.

And also you should have a first aid box before you leave. It helps in every emergency so don`t forget to keep it with you before travelling.

We know you can get medicines from all over the world but this is necessary to keep a first aid box and some tablets like painkillers and vaccinations with you.

Most of the countries of South Africa do not allow entry without heath certificate.

5.     Planning’s:

Are you afraid of less decision-making power? Now you don`t need to worry about this. Just get ready for your trip keep your passport up to date, your health up to date and just apply for a visa.

The main planning of your adventure depends upon the first and last day of your trip. Just think about the first day to book your hotel before you travel and after reaching to another country just find a resting place, and you can also go to your hotel room and just have fine sleep for some time.

Keep your hands-free device or wireless Bluetooth device with you to make your journey full of fun because listening to music is the best thing to pass out your way.

6.     Travel insurance:

Just buy the travel insurance before you travel to make out your journey full of adventure and safety. Travel insurance is on the list of most of the countries requirements.

This is also the main thing to consider before travelling because this is also a requirement for travelling to Europe countries. You should visit a travel agency before travelling to any country to make your return air ticket and travel insurance.

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