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Product Guide: How to Choose a Rental Tent

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Your condominium tent is a clean canvas. It may be dressed up with material and lighting fixtures for a proper gala, or left open and breezy for a laid-returned outside occasion. The opportunities are endless.


Marquee has the biggest tent condominium stock withinside the enterprise and is relied on with the aid of using the NFL, X-Games, Kansas Speedway, Soldier Field, SXSW, Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival, and limitless couples, companies, motels, and united states clubs. Learn extra approximately the tent condominium alternatives in Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio below, or touch certainly considered one among our occasion condominium professionals for a complimentary consultation.


Tent Rentals for Outdoor Events & More

Learn extra approximately the exclusive varieties of tents supplied with the aid of using Marquee Event Tent Rentals. You also can view occasion pix of every sort of tent.


Clearspan Tents – stable, versatile, to be had as two-tale

A Clearspan tent gives an unobstructed view from one facet of the tent to the other. There aren’t any middle poles or guide columns withinside the tent. Versatility, balance, and sturdiness make Clear span tents a famous desire for lengthy-time period rentals. Marquee can customize your clear span systems with a clean, see-via top, a porch, wood-indoors walls, and erect a “double-decker” two-tale tent to maximize vertical area.


Frame Tents – great for difficult surfaces wherein area can be limited

Frame tents are one of the maximum famous tents for outside activities consisting of weddings, golfing fundraisers, festivals, and catered outside activities. Frame tents may be covered up one after every other to create lengthy walkways, or cowl an extended buffet line. This sort of tent is right for occasion web sites on a difficult floor wherein area can be limited. Frame tents don’t want more room across the tent for staking, and they don’t require guide poles below the tent that can get withinside the manner of fixtures or block sightlines. more


The Kader body tent is every other body tent choice that we lease and may be secured to pretty much any floor consisting of grass, asphalt, rock, and concrete. Our rendered tents are to be had in sizes from 15- 50 toes huge with elective clean and white tops. We additionally provide hip-quit or gable-quit configurations.


Marquee Tents – the great of each body and pole tents

A Marquee tent is a hybrid of a pole tent and a body tent. On these occasions, condominium tents provide the showiness of a high-pitched pole tent with the huge open area of a body tent. Our Marquee tents are to be had in more than one color and a collection of small sizes. more


Pole Tents – a budget-pleasant desire for activities in grassy areas

Pole tents get their call from the indoor guide pole(s) used to keep up the tent. Exterior man ropes or ratchets are staked to the floor to create anxiety and offer extra balance to the structure. Pole tents require at least 10 toes across the perimeter of the tent for set-up and secure anchoring. The indoor guide poles may be adorned or included with cloth liners.

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