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Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Use Pinterest for Blogging

by itworldofi
Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Use Pinterest for Blogging

Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by itworldofi

As a search engine where you showcase your thoughts and ideas visually, Pinterest provides all the benefits of a social platform without the dangers and toxicity that come with many of them.

Beyond the benefits of using a search engine to market your blog, though, there are myriad other advantages of having a Pinterest profile as a blogger. 

Niche Access

Pinterest is a natural destination for creators and influencers operating in those ‘hyper-visual’ niches. Think about the travel, food, and design niches, and you can see the allure for creators looking to showcase their interests and offerings by blogging with Pinterest. 

But Pinterest also lets you tap into some traditionally very tough niches to enter. By reaching out to audiences in those niches via Pinterest and visually appealing to them by sharing their pins and engaging, you can leverage a channel into highly profitable niches that aren’t being heavily trafficked – yet. 


Pinterest can be used as a significant traffic driver for your blog. Many bloggers have already leveraged the platform as their primary source of traffic. Once you’ve aligned your Pinterest activities to your blog, you can expect to see good numbers coming through this channel. 

If you adopt a strategic approach to your Pinterest and blogging – much like you would with your SEO and Google – you can take advantage of the search engine’s capacity to connect your content with the right people. Over time, as your followership grows, traffic will flow steadily from the platform to your blog effortlessly. 

Audience & Community

Pinterest has often been associated with a female-dominated, US-based audience. This benefits bloggers on two important fronts – especially if you want to use the platform to grow your blog into new markets. 

While almost 60% of Pinterest’s users are female, this is in stark contrast to other social media platforms’ male-dominated demographics. This makes Pinterest a particularly attractive option for bloggers operating in female-focused niches (Moms, cosmetics, women’s fashion etc.) At the same time, bloggers looking to boost their female traffic can use Pinterest to drive more women to their blogs. 

Pinterest’s US-dominated market share is also key to bloggers looking to attract lucrative traffic. Bloggers who rely heavily on local readerships or those partnering with US-based brands will see good returns for going the Pinterest and blogging route. 

Good Addition to Existing Social Media

Pinterest’s place as a ‘smaller’ platform, when compared to social media titans like YouTube and Facebook, means that it won’t get in the way of your current social media presence. If you’re struggling to gain as much traction as you’d like on other platforms, you can use Pinterest as a driver to your website or blog. Visitors can then access your social media links in your blog back to the other platforms. 

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