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Low Competition Niches for Bloggers

by itworldofi
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Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by itworldofi

Freshness: Newborn | Potential: Traffic | Exist competition: Getting crowded

NASA, space agencies, and private space ventures are sending satellites and people into orbit almost monthly. A presence on the moon is becoming a genuine possibility – perhaps even in our lifetimes – as well.

With a Mars mission in the works, more attention is being directed toward space exploration, especially among younger audiences. The few creators combining new blog niches with related sub-niches are seeing impressive traffic booms, which aren’t likely to slow down. 

  • Subniche ideas: Careers in space travel; Space tech; Interstellar science
  • Stats: Volume: 33,100/mo | CPC: $0.52 | Competition: 0.16

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