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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer! things to know

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While maximum personnel would really like to clearly visit paintings, do their jobs, and receives a commission fairly, navigating every painting’s day is not often that simple.

Regardless of the extent of the worker, every worker has the proper to paintings in surroundings this is freed from discrimination, freed from harassment, which salary and hour regulations are followed, and in which the phrases of employment contracts are honored.

This isn’t always continually the case. When employers fail to uphold their agreements and violate federal and neighborhood employment legal guidelines, personnel regularly experience helplessness and uncertainty in which to show for assistance. Many worry about the lack of employment, leaving them without the capacity to assist their families.


The Los Angeles employment attorneys in the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates have years of enjoying defensive employment rights of Los Angeles place people who’ve been dealt with unfairly in violation of the regulation and opposite to the provisions of employment agreements.

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Cases We Handle

The legal professionals in the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and Vakili and Leus LLP constitute customers going through a number of Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles disputes including:

Sexual Harassment

Employees have the proper to visit paintings every day without being requested out for a date, requested to have intercourse, touched inappropriately, or instructed sexual jokes.

Unfortunately, all too regularly that isn’t always the case. Victims of the place of work sexual harassment, whether or not they may be ladies or men, are regularly hesitant to talk up due to the fact they may be worried approximately task loss, or they may be worried that they’ll now no longer be capable of show the harassment.


The legal professionals in the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates are organized to assist sufferers, as we recognize the federal and kingdom legal guidelines prohibiting sexual harassment and recognize what it takes to win a harassment case.

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment takes place whilst a person is dealt with in a bad manner at paintings primarily based totally on an person’s attributes.

While the maximum not unusual place forms of harassment are primarily based totally on race, intercourse, and disability, there are different traits that are included with the aid of using federal or kingdom regulation along with religion, pregnancy, and gender.

As indicated with the aid of using our record, we strongly accept as true that no individual needs to be subjected to harassment at paintings for any reason, and we are able to vigorously combat, the rights of people who face hostility with inside the paintings area with the aid of using representing them earlier than the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH), in kingdom courtroom docket or in federal courtroom docket.

Employment Discrimination

Having to spend every day in antagonistic surroundings at paintings makes it tough for a sufferer of the place of work discrimination to be powerful at paintings.

The mental outcomes of going through harassment at paintings necessarily spill over to different components of the sufferer’s life.

small business

Discrimination with inside the place of work on the premise of intercourse, gender, race, age, disability, religion, or countrywide starting place is illegal.

Employers who permit such discrimination to preserve can be a problem with penalties and can be required to compensate sufferers.

Our employment legal professionals in Los Angeles have years of enjoyment representing sufferers of employment discrimination.

We will use our assets to analyze your case if you want to make certain that people who are liable for the discriminatory conduct are held accountable.

Race Discrimination

Discrimination primarily based totally on race stays a hassle with inside the place of work. It can take many forms- a few subtle- being excluded from meetings, and a few overt- uses of racial slurs.

If you accept as true with you had been harassed, fired, or in a few different manners dealt with poorly at paintings due to your race, you will be entitled to compensation, and your business enterprise might also additionally face penalties.

Racial discrimination instances can be complicated, so it’s miles critical that a skilled employment legal professional serving in Los Angeles represents you.

Sex (Gender) Discrimination

Whether you pick out as a person or a woman, it’s miles a criminal offense on the way to be discriminated towards with inside the place of work.

With over 2 many years of enjoyment representing sufferers in complicated employment discrimination instances, we’re geared up to combat your rights when you have been discriminated against primarily based totally on your intercourse or gender in phrases of pay, task responsibilities, development opportunities, dress code and different situations of paintings.

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