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List of Trees with Flowers

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Having flowering trees in the garden creates not only an appealing look but also provides a sweet fragrance. When a tree’s flowers turn into fruits, it becomes completely beneficial. So, planting flowering trees is a good hobby and everyone must have time to keep with this hobby. Except for fragrance and fascinating view, flowing trees provide other loads of benefits; e.g., 


Environment Improvement: Planting flowing trees provides not only natural surroundings but also these trees absorb carbon dioxide, filter pollutants and give enough amount of oxygen. So, having a list of trees with flowers in the garden keeps you protected from many diseases. 


Overcome Energy Inflammation: Flowing trees help to keep your home cooler during summer’s intense heat. Thereby, they assist you to reduce energy cost as high electricity charge is the biggest problem in summer. So, furnish your garden with trees and make yourself free from financial stress. 


Shelter for Wildlife: Giving nests to birds and a place for rest to squirrels, trees give a home to wildlife. Moreover, flowing trees also become a good source of food for wildlife. In a nutshell, the presence of flowering trees lets you explore the mysterious staircases in the woods that lead to a world of fragrance and numerous benefits for living beings.

So, make your garden bloom with a list of flowering trees and create tremendous benefits for yourself and the surroundings.

Types of Flowering Trees

Purple Flowering Trees 

Jacaranda: Bloom up in late spring and summer, the jacaranda flowering tree gives an appealing touch to your garden. This beautiful tree hights 15 to 30 feet. Besides creating a fascinating view, the dried leaves of jacaranda are used as an ointment for healing wounds. Thereby, you must have this flowering tree in your garden if you’re fond of blooming up your garden with distinct types of trees. 

Burgundy Desert Willow: Shaped in capsule form, these pink burgundy flowers give a bright and elegant look. This tree is usually loved by wildlife and has a height of 15 to 30 feet. With multiple benefits, this tree is also a good option to include in your list of trees with flowers and make your garden beautiful. 

Crape Myrtle: Crape myrtle has very showing summer flowers. This flowering tree is loved by birds. It’s heightened in 20 to 25 feet and flowers up in summer. Bees also love this tree to get pollen to create honey. 


Pink Flowering Trees


Saucer Magnolia: Have multiple shapes of pink colour, saucer magnolia blooms in spring and creates beautiful fragrance. This flowering tree is well-known in the list of trees with flowers due to its multiple types. It has 20 – 25 feet in height and grows around 24 inches per year. Magnoli’s wood is used to make light furniture, crate and boxes. 

Eastern Redbud: Molded in beautiful flowers in bare branches, the eastern redbud is blossomed up in spring. Heightened in 20 – 30 inches and providing a nice odour, this flowering tree attracts everyone’s attention toward itself. 

Pink Trumpet: Comes in the orange-yellow throat, this pink trumpet has showy look. It’s a fast-growing tree and is heightened in 20 to 30 inches. If you want to plant this tree, seed it in the full sun as the sun’s shine is required to grow this tree quickly. Yet, the pink trumpet is a wonderful choice to have in your garden if you like to brim your garden up with trees with flowers. 


Trees with White Flowers


Spring Glory: A beautiful small tree with early spring flowers. Provide sweet summer fruit and create an awesome fragrance, the spring glory is a good tree to keep with. This white flowering tree grows around 12 inches per year and has a height of 12 feet. 

White flower

Crusader: A small but beautiful tree, the crusader is a thornless tree. The white flowers of this tree bring a positive change in the environment and this tree creates showy red fruits in the summer. It’s 5 feet tall and a nice choice to plant it in the garden.

Kausa Dogwood: Among all-white flowering trees, Kausa dogwood is best known because of its late spring white flowers. Its berry-like fruits grab the birds’ attention. Its leaves transform their colour in spring and turn in the purple colour that also gives an awesome view.


Which Flowering Tree Should You Choose for Your Garden?


Are you confused about which one flowering tree should you select for your garden among the multi-colour flowering trees? It’s up to your taste and the environment of your place.

For example, if the environment is too much hot, you need to decide on a flowering tree that can easily adapt to the hot weather.

Also, you need to analyze which soil condition is required for a particular tree and plant a flowering tree according to it. Poorly drained soil doesn’t allow a tree to grow; thereby, properly examine the soil first and plant the tree after it. It’s crucial to water a tree according to the required amount.


A low or excessive amount of water can cause a deficiency in a flowering tree’s growth. So, choose a suitable tree from a list of trees with flowers and make your garden beautiful.

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Summing Up

Plant a fascinating flowering tree in the garden provides an appealing view and sweet fragrance. Starting from pink flowers to white flowers, there are flowering trees of multi-colour. Choose which one is according to your environmental condition and give elegant scenery to your garden.


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