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January 2023 Niche Site Report

by itworldofi
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Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by itworldofi

Another one of my goals for 2023 was to massively increase my total monthly content production.

In 2022, I published between 20-50 posts per month. These posts were split across all my 5 main money making sites.

I also did a few extra posts in November and December to help jump start my new series of niche sites (about 35 total).

In 2023, I set a goal of more than doubling my content production.

January was the first month of actually implementing this strategy.

In total, across all sites, I published 143 articles in January 2023!

This was no small feat.

In addition to my small army of writers (5-7 freelancers), I personally wrote a sizeable chunk of this content.

And while these articles range in length, the average was around 2600 words!

I also had 2 freelancers helping me with the graphic designs that I included in every single post.

Honestly, this month was incredibly stressful producing this much content.

I averaged nearly 5 posts per day, 7 days per week!

To be clear, this level of content production is not sustainable. It was my own personal experiment to establish a maximum monthly content velocity.

Going forward, I will try to average 2 posts per day, or roughly 60 posts per month.

The distribution of these posts will change, as I plan to stop adding new content to Niche Site 1 (Craft & DIY site), at around 70 posts.

At this point I’ll probably wait 6 months to let the content fully index so I can assess whether it’s worth investing more money and time into this site (with maybe 1-3 posts per month added during this 6 month period).

This site is covering a pretty narrow topic so 70 posts should definitely give me some meaningful data.

As for Niche Site 2 (Technology site), this site covers content from a much larger niche and is a topic that interests me personally quite a bit. So the goal is to hit at least 100 posts as quickly as possible in 2023.

This site may take longer to assess the full traffic potential given the size of the niche, but I will likely continue posting on this site even after I hit 100 posts because I am confident it will generate significant traffic.

It’s definitely still a gamble as I am taking money/time away from my 5 main sites, but this site is the type of project that, if properly monetized, I could see myself working on for a few years but not so attached that I wouldn’t be opposed to eventually selling it.

When building niche sites it’s important to think about how you plan to monetize your sites, as well as developing an exit plan.

For me, I’ve done a great job monetizing sites in the past, but the sites I enjoy working on are usually the hardest to sell.

But with blog valuations trending upward at a quick pace, a sale is definitely appealing.

After all, I am sinking a lot of money and time into these sites. The current plan is to hold most of them long term as part of my larger passive income portfolio, but sometimes it makes sense to derisk and effectively take some money off the table, with the future of blogging rapidly changing.

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