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How to Write a Product Comparison Blog Post

by itworldofi
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Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by itworldofi

While some readers will search for a product comparison straight away, others will have done some research on each product already and are looking for someone to help them make sense of it. 

If you can add information for your reader that they haven’t come across, they’ll be more likely to share your blog or return to your website later. 

Consider sources outside of the company’s website. Look for independent, unbiased reviews, and search for fine print that isn’t as public. 

Explore the Unique Features of What You’re Comparing

If you have two products that essentially do the same thing, think about what makes each unique. It can be the small things that tip the scales for someone unsure about two very similar items. 

One minor feature that makes a potential customer’s life a tad easier may be all they need in order to be convinced. 

Give a Clear Picture and Examples of Your Comparisons

Think about really painting a picture for your reader. Explain how the product can benefit them and give examples of how that feature can save them time, stress, or money. 

For example, instead of telling someone that one of the smartwatches you are comparing charges in under an hour, explain that they can charge the watch while they shower and get ready for work in the morning. 

Then you can explain that the other watch takes three hours to charge, meaning they’ll likely do it overnight. 

If they do this then they won’t be able to track their sleep patterns or use the vibrating alarm function, which could disturb their partner. For some individuals, this could be a significant selling point!

Make Sure to Reiterate Who Can Benefit from the Product 

Be sure to explain to your reader who this item best serves and what benefit they can expect to receive from using.

How will it improve their life, even in some small way? 

Don’t be afraid to say if there are certain people you think wouldn’t benefit from the product you’re reviewing, as well. Just remember to back up your opinions with solid, reputable sources and confidence.

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