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How to view Instagram account online without having an account?

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How to view Instagram account online without having an account?

People generally use Instagram as a phone-based application. While it’s optimized for usage from the computer, it isn’t meant to be used from the computer.

Once you connect into your Instagram account on your computer, you can only see your newsfeed and respond to alerts.


Fortunately, the most useful Instagram viewer is a more productive one if you spend most of your time on best monitors. Here is a list of the top 5 Instagram desktop viewers. Don’t give up just yet.

How to use Instagram Online?

To the greatest extent possible, you’ll be aware that if you’re a desktop user, you will not be able to share posts and stories from your desktop, or utilize several Instagram accounts concurrently. To aid you, here is a list of the five top Instagram viewers.

Best online Instagram Viewer

·        AiGrow: Instagram Marketing Tool for All-in-One

The AiGrow Instagram management solution includes a comprehensive array of capabilities, all of which must be in your arsenal.

Instagram web experience like you’re on mobile: With AiGrow, you can enjoy the Instagram web (on PC, Mac, etc.) experience just as you’re on your mobile.

While Instagram offers an array of marketing techniques, you may privately visit Instagram profiles, upload images and videos straight to Instagram posts and stories, send and receive DMs on the desktop, and a multitude of other features.

In addition, using the app’s built-in monitoring, you are able to maintain tabs on your rivals’ accounts, but you don’t have to follow them on Instagram and you will always know what they post and how they approach their campaigns.

In the context of security, Instagram itself is used to ensure the security of your account and to prevent you from having to enter your login data each time. Therefore, register and experience the most effective Instagram viewer for computers for free.

·        Ingram

Ingram.com is an attractive online viewer for Instagram on the web. When you access this website, you’ll see all of the popular articles and accounts on the first page.

It might be a wonderful decision to look for Instagram photos that get viral. Also, it enables you to look through Instagram profiles and examine usernames or hashtags with simply a search.

You are correct. As long as you have an Ingram.com account, you may monitor users without signing in to your Instagram account.

It does enable you to browse postings, but not to add new ones. It will be of no use to you if you wish to watch and save Instagram stories anonymously.

·        Pikdo App & Pictame

Another fun way to get Instagram is to use the Pikdo app & Pictame. You may look up profiles like Suraqah pikdo and see what information are prominent, for example, which hashtags are most popular.

You can get a better experience by logging into your account. Be aware, though, that Pikdo is unavailable at the moment.

·        Gramblr: A Free Instagram Viewer Without Downloading

Instagram’s official Instagram app, Gramblr, links you to Instagram without leaving the app. This application might be helpful if you want to bring in fresh photographs and videos from your PC.

It will also enable you to build your account by utilizing certain useful features. However, like with Picdeer, it appears as though Gramblr is now offline and/or not working. Consider the following article for now.

·        DeskGram

Deskgram is a desktop application that lets you post, remark, like, and peruse your feed from your PC.

There is a monthly fee of $2.99 to post films, however users may post photographs for free. You should definitely check out the next article if you’re interested in superior services, but that is absolutely free.


Have you heard of another Instagram app which has not been included above? Comment with your thoughts below!

Check out AiGrow’s Instagram online viewer in the interim.

You won’t be charged anything to try it, and you can have it up and running in under a minute.

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