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How to Start a Blog on Facebook

by itworldofi
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Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by itworldofi

You’re almost there! Now that your page is open and up and running, you can start posting content to it. Treat the page as a typical blog posting interface, typing directly into the space provided.

The text box on Facebook is a little small and limited in editing options, so you may want to type your copy in a Google Docs, Notepad, or Microsoft Word document before copying it to Facebook. Pay attention to your blog structure and apply the same rules as you would to a regular blog post. 


  • Go to your Page’s home page.
  • Click on the “Create post” button on the right of the main feed.
  • Start typing or copy and paste your content.

You can also enrich your blog post by taking advantage of some of the available features for your Facebook blog. 

  • While in the “Create post” box, click on “Add to your post”.
  • Add photos, videos, or emojis to your content.
  • Or add buttons that allow readers to take action (e.g. “Get Messages”, “Get calls”, “Check in”, “Raise Money”).

Facebook allows bloggers to create page posts of up to 63,206 characters. This equates to around 12,000 words – far more than you’ll ever need for a good Facebook blog post. Most Facebook users aren’t expecting to read long, endless posts, so try to aim for the optimum 2,100 to 2,400-word count range.

For more on the ideal length of a blog post, take a peek at this really helpful article. Once you’re done editing, checking, and optimizing your blog content – go ahead and post!

Your blog has now been shared on your page and will appear in your followers’ feeds and anyone else who happens upon your page. 

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