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How to Replace iPOD Battery

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There are actually two ribbon cables connecting the rear panel towards the relaxation of the iPod. During the subsequent phase, be careful not to injury these ribbon cables.

Grasp the entrance panel assembly with a single hand plus the rear panel with the other. Have a deep breath!


Gently disengage the remaining clips to the rear panel by pulling the tops of the front and rear panels away from one another (imagine on the bottom from the iPod being a hinge), having wonderful care never to injury the ribbon cables keeping the 2 halves alongside one another.

Utilize a spudger to lift the retaining flap keeping the connector cable.

The retaining flap only should lift up 2 mm. This is a sensitive connector and an excessive amount of power can get rid of it through the logic board. Slide the orange battery ribbon out of its connector.


Put the rear panel close to the iPod, staying very careful never to pressure the orange headphone jack cable.
Lift the hard disk drive up with one hand in order to entry the headphone jack ribbon beneath.

Utilize a spudger to flip up the plastic tab holding the headphone jack ribbon in position. The tab will rotate up 90 levels, releasing the ribbon cable. Slide the orange headphone jack ribbon from its connector. The rear panel is now no cost through the iPod.

Now to repair service the injury due to liberating the interior elements of the iPod Typical! It’s really probable that at the least one of the steel clips from the rear panel has become bent upward. These clips must all be pointing downward in order to reinstall the rear panel.


ake the broad, flat facet on the metallic spudger and force the clip down, using treatment to not tear the thin metallic rail within the rear panel. Alternatively a set of flat pin nosed pliers can be used to reduce hazard of slipping and harmful the headphone jack.


Since the rear panel is back to some gorgeous affliction, you’ll be able to go on to restoring the iPod. Make use of a spudger to lift the battery plus the connected orange cable away from the iPod. In the event you have got a a hundred and sixty GB iPod, the battery will probably be thicker.

Apple created their new iPods to generally be very difficult to get apart without the need of destroying major parts. On account of the metallic faceplate, the metal backing, and the thirteen metal clips keeping the situation jointly, this is considered one of the hardest iPods to disassemble. Ahead of opening your iPod, ensure the hold change is inside the locked placement.

Opening this iPod is difficult. Do not get discouraged if it will take you a number of attempts in advance of the iPod is opened. Something to note could be the angle with the plastic opening tool’s suggestion though inserting it to the iPod.


Preferably, the angle need to be as vertical as is possible although continue to clearing the sting from the rear panel.


Insert another plastic opening resource in the seam between the back and front of your iPod, leaving a minimum of 1.5 inches of room involving the 2 applications.

Insert a plastic opening instrument into your seam concerning the front and back in the iPod. At an angle, thoroughly insert a putty knife about 1/8 inch to the seam between the 2 opening applications.

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The moment the putty knife has cleared the lip of the rear panel, pivot the putty knife so that it is vertical, and thoroughly (but firmly) wiggle it straight down to the gap concerning the opening equipment.

Force with your fingers within the rear panel driving the putty knife to minimize bending. Gradually flex the putty knife, as revealed while in the image, to make sure that most of the metal tabs on this side on the iPod are disengaged.


Remove the putty knife from the iPod and reinsert it nearer to the corner in the iPod, using the same wiggle technique as prior to.

Among the lock slider and headphone jack, insert a plastic opening software into your seam concerning the back and front with the iPod.

It’s possible you’ll obtain it easier to thoroughly flex the putty knife downward so as to develop additional of the gap for that opening instrument, but make certain not to bend the corner of your rear panel! Close to the heart on the exhibit, very carefully insert a metal spudger into the hole developed via the plastic opening software.


It’s uncomplicated to produce a noticeable bump from the rear panel right here that’s hard to repair service. When prying the tab cost-free, make an effort to contain the steel spudger pivot to the fringe of the rear panel instead of bending the rear panel outward. Utilizing the steel spudger, disengage the only clip around the best of your iPod.


Near the other best corner, insert a gap tool into the seam amongst the back and front with the iPod.


Around the other aspect, insert an opening software into your seam in between the back and front of your iPod.

Chances are you’ll discover it a lot easier to angle the opening device caught inside the best corner to be able to create a ample hole.


Clear away the plastic opening software in the major corner and insert it in the seam among the front and back on the iPod, leaving at the very least 1.five inches of area involving the 2 tools (as carried out over the other facet).


At an angle, thoroughly insert a putty knife about 1/8 inch into your seam amongst the two opening resources.

Yet again, you will find thin metallic rails managing together the inside in the rear panel, so take great treatment when inserting the putty knife.

At the time the putty knife has cleared the lip of your rear panel, angle the putty knife so that it truly is vertical, and thoroughly (but firmly) wiggle it straight down to the iPod through the hole amongst the plastic opening applications.


Push with all your fingers around the rear panel at the rear of the putty knife to reduce bending. Ever so a bit flex the putty knife in order that nearly all of the metal tabs on this side from the iPod are disengaged. Find another interesting suggestions by Clicking Here.


The steel clips close to the corners are infamous for tenaciously gripping the entrance panel. It truly is important to disengage these clips as a way to open the iPod.

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Thoroughly insert a steel spudger into the space close to the stubborn metal clip.

Gently wiggle the steel spudger down so that it’s all of the way during the rear panel. Carefully commence to disengage the clip through the front panel.

It is actually easy to create a visible bump inside the rear panel listed here that is definitely difficult to mend. When prying the tab cost-free, attempt to possess the metallic spudger pivot on the fringe of the rear panel in lieu of bending the rear panel outward.


Go on to drive up on the entrance panel while using the metal spudger till the metal clip releases.



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