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How to handle a wife? Here are the Tips and tricks to follow

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How to handle a wife is came into your mind if your wife is not obeying you.

The relation between husband and wife is one of the most beautiful relations in the world and a marvellous gift by nature.

This relation sounds good if there are no fight and misunderstanding with each other.

If! there are complications and misunderstanding occur between husband and wife this relation is worse to handle and to continue married life.

This relation is considered the most sensitive relationships in the world because it needs trust, understanding, caring and compromising.

For long-lasting relation of husband and wife both have some responsibilities which they have to fulfil.
The main responsibility is of a husband to take this relation long as far its go and handle his wife efficiently.

In many societies’ wife is considered just for home because of the norms and regulations of the society, wherein some society’s wife is considered equal as a husband.

Here are some of  Effective Marriage Counseling  tips  for the husband on how to handle his wife.

Take Care

The main point in every relationship is to take care of each other and others.

Especially in marital life its an important and basic point to handle a wife, because its wife felt love in her heart regarding the husband.

Taking care doesn’t mean to get rid of office work and always stays close to your wife, it means to take care of her needs and desires.

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Trust her


Trust is a very major factor for a long-lasting relation, if there is trust you can conquer the world.

In the relation to husband-and-wife trust is a major component, if you want your wife to obey you than you have to realize that you trust her firmly and will stand with her in every condition.


Don’t pay attention to 3rd person or rumours against your wife trust her and comfort her to get acknowledge the reality of rumours about her from your wife.

Let her realize that you trust her blindly and thinks of her as your good friend and considered her loyal to you.

Don’t discuss your business with her

One of the main reasons for complication in relation is financial issues, you just have to avoid talking about your business and office tensions directly with your wife, you can ask her about the solution but with some other tricks.

When a person takes office tensions and stress in home damage the house peace was not just wife but, the husband also got furious and causes bad damage to their relationship.

It’s important in handling a wife to avoid this kind of discussion with wife directly, you can easily avoid this situation by keeping your professional and personal life separate and don’t let them mix.

Compromise with her

In this relation this is the main trick to handle a wife is a compromise with her in many situations.

Compromise should be done from both sides not by just the husband but, a husband should take the first step for this and the wife will follow the husband.

Empower her

The husband must empower her wife and educate her about the changes in the world, and encourage her to learn new techniques to earn money and learn education.

The main purpose of empowering her is financial empowering in many societies’ wife is just considered as a toy and not allowed to step out from home.

Give her gifts

The main and most sweet method to handle a wife is giving her gifts, it doesn’t mean expensive gifts every time but it could be a chocolate or a flower.

This is a common trick to handle a wife everywhere to gift her what she likes, chocolates, teddy bear toy, flowers etc.

You can also give her surprises going with her to hotels, parks and for entertainment purpose anywhere.

Crack jokes with her

Though this relationship is very beautiful it should be treated beautifully, to avoid stress jokes has been used for a time.

The husband should crack good jokes and share funny things he faced today anywhere with his wife, with this she will feel comfortable and will increase her love for you.

Jokes should be good and not so much vulgar and not attack her personally.

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Share your day with her

The husband should share his day’s achievements with her wife and let her considered it’s her because of which achievements have been made.

Avoid sharing your tensions and complications of the office with her directly because it can get both of you furious if she gives any advice.

Praise her

This is the most commonly used technique in the world to handle a wife is to praise her, praise her beauty and nature.

Husband mostly praise the food quality made by her wife and it’s paid a special impact on wife and she always obeys you in manner able way.


If she gets a makeover for going anywhere you must praise her and pass a compliment that she is looking gorgeous and with this, she will feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Understand her

The major reason for breaking this relation is misunderstanding you can call it the master trick to handle a wife.

You should understand her and her situation and assist her and realize that you are firmly standing with her in any measurable condition.

Final words

This relation is needing these simple things to get long-lasting and avoid complications in it.

This is the best gift of nature to humans; the Wife must be treated like a friend with whom you can discuss anything.

Husband and wife are, they are the guardians of each-other.

If there is any complication between both they have settled it wisely and not let other persons know regarding this.

With this husband can handle a wife but also shows that he is a man of values who know how to treat his soulmate and life partner.

While seeing them their children also learn good things but if there are tensions and stress in the house it also pays a negative impact on children’s mental health and causes rebellion in them for their parents.


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