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Different types of makeups and occasions when to apply them

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Getting noticed is dream of every woman specially by face, make up has made it easy to look more beautiful.

There are now many types of makeup in present time, with passing days its umber is increasing.

Normally, someone do makeup while going to somewhere, parties, functions and other get-to gathers.

Going to these specifics every woman wants to get noticed and want everyone to praise her beauty with good words.

With applying makeup, a person look young than its age and feel confidence while facing others.

In many industries make is now has become essential and without it that industry could not survive.

Types of makeup:

There are many types of makeup in the world every region has it’s specific type of makeover,  some are only got fame.

Party makeup

Bridal Makeup

Casual Makeup


Skin polish

Hair dying

3D Makeup

Party Makeup:

Party makeup as name specified is used when going to party or any function, In this type of makeup peoples don’t go with heavy cosmetics essentials but, apply small amount of it.

Mostly when a woman is going to party, reception or in a wedding its used to apply.

In this type of makeup most important thing is your outfit, what you are wearing? Where are you going must be keep in mind while planning this makeover.

This type of makeup is very famous in young girls who go and enjoys parties and reception on daily basis.

Time also matters in this type at which time they are going and weather also play an important role in it, if there is hot weather so there are chances of makeup spoiling.

Skin tone is most important part in makeup because, if you don’t know about the nature of your skin makeup not going to suits you.

Casual Makeup:

This is most common and mostly used type of makeup.

It’s a daily routine of makeup not so heavy, simple and easy to apply mostly woman do this makeup on daily basis.

The main aim of applying this makeup is not to look most beautiful but, it’s main aim to do this makeup is look fresh and confidence.

If a woman is doing job inn any office or some other place as well, they need it very badly, applying just lipstick, base, eye-liner, base and shades can make a woman eye-catchy.

If a woman is a sales representative and doing sale door-to-door it’s also pays an impact on the customer whom they are entertaining.

Girls who are going to colleges are also apply this makeup to loo fresher and confidence.

Bridal Makeup:

Bridal makeup is a very famous makeup among those girls who are getting marriage soon.

Indian Bridal makeup is one of the famous makeups in makeup types, mostly done in the weddings on just bridal.

It’s a heavy makeup and most important part in this type of makeup is wedding dress, jewelry, function and time of function.

This makeover is getting upgrade on daily basis and on daily basis there are many trends coming out in the world.

This makeup is done on bride and after applying this makeup a woman or a girl is look like a goddess coming straight from the heavens.

It’s a costly makeup an average saloon with good services charge almost 150 to 300 USD for this service and a good beauty saloon providing many services and with good skills charge $400 to $1000 for this.

Mostly peoples go with economical packages of this makeup because of their budget, In Indian wedding most costly thing is Bridal makeup, jewelry and function dress.

Mehndi designing in this makeup is very important and most essential part it look eye catchy and charming to eyes.


Facial is also an important type of makeup and mostly done at home but time consuming, and tier work usually, need a helper for this.

This type of makeup done for better skin and made your skin fresher and good looker.

Usually, many brands providing facial creams their details can be found online by visiting here:



Skin Polish:

Skin polish can say as sub branch of facial makeup but, it’s somehow different from facial makeup.

It’s a handy type of makeup use on daily basis and loved by everyone and can even done by face wash and skin bleach.

This type of makeup is used by girls and boys as well, it clears the dust from the skin and make it different and natural.

It’s main aim to provide skin a treatment with nutrients and to pull out dead skin and to make it firm.

Hair Dying:

Dying hair and make them colorful is common now days, many girls love to these even boys, and loved it and thinks they are looking different from others (For sure).

This fashion and makeup type is most common in Korea, China and Japan where every day there is new fashion regarding the hairs.

Now days it’s spreading worldwide and loved by many youngsters, many persons with good age also doing this according to their skin tone and complex.

There are many types of colors available in the market, peoples choose which one they want to apply on their hairs.

Some colors are permanent and if they are not of good quality they can damage the hairs and also can be a cause of hair fall.

Keune is a famous hair color brand recognized worldwide providing many creams and polishes for hairs that can safe hairs from many distractions.

3D Makeup:

3D makeup is getting famous in many European countries and American states as well.

In this type of makeup makeover done on whole body and it’s look like a dress, because in this type of makeup models don’t use clothes.

End words:

Make up is loved by every one and who is applying makeup loos beautiful and different from others, there are many types of makeups in the world and number is also increasing day by day.

Mostly makeups are very easy to use and handy, and helps peoples to be eye catchy.


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