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Couples Only at Desire Resort Riviera Maya

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As intercourse and dating therapists we’re on an undertaking to search for out the maximum romantic, the maximum lovemakingly charged, and the maximum specific erotic holidays for grownup couples whom we describe as “Ethical Hedonists”.


Tough job, staying far from all the one’s calorie-wealthy Pina Coladas and stopping sunburn to your bare parts, however, it’s an undertaking we take seriously. What is Desire Resort without a doubt like?

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No hurricanes this yr to fear approximately, however, if there are hardships to mendacity bare at a 5 star, all-inclusive lodge with inside the Caribbean, we simply can’t consider them at the moment.

We are returning from a weekly q4 stay at the luxurious Desire Resort Riviera Maya forty minutes outside Cancun as part of our nude and romance havens international tour.

All with inside the call of technology of course, (grin) our hobby turned into to decide in which at the lovemaking continuum of Ethical Hedonism, the couples staying at Desire located themselves.

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Described as a “fashionable and exclusive, clothing-optional, couples-simplest lodge” Desire is an adults-simplest, 114 room, secluded lodge really off the crushed path.


It’s located among acres of mangrove swamps – take the “watch out for crocodile signs” seriously – (we had 5, 2-meter crocs swim toward us some toes from the threshold of the street out of doors the lodge while we were given out of the car) at the side of a thrilling array of jungle birds and animals which include a child coatimundi (wild jungle raccoons which might be social, curious and permit you to puppy them to your manner to dinner).


The lodge is placed at the wayward facet of the street and is located on a strip of Mexico’s normally breathtaking Caribbean beaches, whole with white sands and warm, turquoise water.

The seashore consists of forty canopied seashore beds (whole with drink-imparting waitresses and cabana boys) located alongside the threshold of the water.


These beds are the last in decadence seashore relaxation. Couples frolicking romantically at the seashore beds had been a not unusual place sight withinside the past.


Desire Rivera Maya, the accommodations former call, had formerly been sequestered from every other accommodation, however as improvement has hit this place off the coast (with a brand new lodge a touch down the seashore) the lovemaking journey has needed to be curtailed via way of means of the safety guards asking you to take the intercourse inner your rooms, or upstairs to the new tub.


A few couples grumbled approximately the “evil mattress police”, preventing their “from Here to Eternity” wave from crashing.

It deterred people who without a doubt loved rolling withinside the surf and had cherished the liberty to be intimate withinside the Sea, however basic the tone at the seashore tended to be greater romantic than lovemaking.


For couples over 25


Desire Resorts declare it’s far for couples over 25, however the common age of couples we discovered might likely be of their mid forty’s.

We met one couple who had been remarkably energetic and properly preserved 80, (if simplest we ought to all be at a nude lodge at 80), maximum of the couples have been collectively for ten years or longer and had been what we name the “empty nesters long past wild” group, or anniversary couples searching out something different.


According to the staff (which has a few versions relying at the time of yr on), visitors had been 20% Mexican/Latin, 20% European, 20Canadian, and forty% American in nationality, all in various degrees of undress.

Clothing optional, in place of nude manner that bathing fits are seen, however, the majority of the couples had been both nude or topless at some point of the day.


They had ordinary lodge video games which includes water polo and seashore volleyball taking place, (nude volleyball is constantly a thrilling eyeful) at the side of some distance greater lovemaking ones which includes the chocolate ingesting contest (in which couples compete to look who can drizzle and consume the maximum chocolate and whipped cream off their partners).

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