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Best Games like 8 ball pool! play and enjoy

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Best Games like 8 ball pool

There are several games like 8 ball pool which are liked and played by many peoples worldwide.

A game is a shape of play or sport, exclusively a ruthless one played in-line with to law and decided by competence, Power, or luck.

8 ball pool is one of the worldwide recognized and liked game who has a handsome number of fans and players.

It was launched by Miniclip who is world known game developers’ company and entertaining many game lovers with fascinating outputs.

It was launched in October 2010 and also was featured in Facebook games section where millions of Facebook users play this game and amused themselves.

About 8 ball pool


This game is product and e-property of Miniclip a gaming sites where thousands of games are amusing children’s and game lovers of every age.

It is an online multiplayer game which is played by pool lovers and can be played against any human opponent who is playing from another corner of the earth.

This game is available on play store, and apple play store and can be played on a web browser and it’s loved by everyone.

8 ball pool play store

One thing about this game which made it unique from others is it’s upgrading features.

In this game, you can buy your own cue and many other pools related stuff, this game also holds many tournaments and divides players in rank according to their performance.

This game has many clubs who have different entry fee from each other.

You can collect or buy many gems, coins, cues and cash to make your rank and game better.

Though, this game is worldwide famous and liked by many gamers who love to defeat human instead of PC robot.

This game is played while having an internet connection and with anyone who is from another world, you can practice while being offline.

Rating of 8 ball pool

On the website of Miniclip, it has 4.7 rankings out of 5 which is amazing and great feedback to any game.

Though, this game is mobile friendly and easy to operate on mobile.

On Google Play Store this app has:

Size: 66M

Downloads: With 500 Million plus downloads this game has a great fan base.

Reviews: Liked by thousands of gamers this is one of the most liked app and game on Google play store.

8 ball pool has 4.6 reviews out of 5 at Google play store.

Apple Store:

Size: 165.8 MB

Downloads: Stats not available.

Ranking: 4.7 out of 5

With above ranking this site ranks at no.02 on Apple app store with a sports category.

Games who are like 8 ball pool

After a great success of 8 ball pool many other game developers and entertaining companies who are now presenting and offering many games which can be played online and with humans.

There are many games like 8 ball pool available online and liked by game lovers.

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Player unknown’s battlegrounds


PUBG is the biggest competition of 8 ball pool in the current time which is liked by many youngster and gamers.

This game was developed and launched by a Chinese company Krafton; the worldwide recognized game is having daily base new downloads and fans.

PUBG was released in Feb 2018 and within 2 years this game has got a great fan following and reviews.

This game was made for PC (Paid) and later was for mobile for free, this game is also a multi-player game with amazing graphics.

PUBG game play store

PUBG Mobile somehow has different features from others, like 8 ball pool this can be played with an internet connection and with humans.

In this game, there is an option of speaking where other multiplayer games have just chat option, where this game has mike and audio option.

As according to name this game is like a battle where a team is passing a mission.

In this game, many friends who are game lovers made team and go for missions, while sitting with each other’s and can instruct each other and suggest as well.

Google Play stats

Size: Varies with device

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Current Version: 1.1.0


Reviews: With 4.2 ranking this game is growing day by day.


Lite version also available:

With the same feature, this game is available with the lite version.


Apple App store:

Size: 1.9 GB

Downloads: Stats not available

Review: With 4.2 star ranking on Apple store this game is getting love by every game lover.

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Ludo Star 1+2


Ludo is one of the most famous Asian board game widely loved by Indian and Pakistani Peoples.

Ludo star is one of the most loved and downloaded game in the previous lockdown.

This series of the game has a great fan following, and an addictive game can be said a game like 8 ball pool.

It’s also a multiplayer game with many features of Ludo and with the option of chat their players can chat with each other and also can make a group and contact each other.

Ludo star play store

This game is also providing many features like 8 ball pool; widely loved and played on a daily basis this game can also be played offline but with your friend only, where online you can play with a random person of the world.

With different dice designs and new tournaments, this game has now become the talk of the town.

This game has launched it’s 2 versions and both are amazing and having a great fan base.

Ludo star was introduced in 2015 and the 2nd version was in 2018.

Now its 2nd version is available on Play Store and Apple app store.

Google Play store:

Size: 77M


Downloads: 10,000,000+


Current Version: 1.23.167

Ratings: With 4.1 Ranking out of 5 is a good score.

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Apple App store:


Size: 382.6 MB


Rating: With 4.5 ranking out of 5 this app has a great downloads number.


Teen Patti


Teen Patti is an Indian card game available online and was introduced on FB and loved by the game lovers of Facebook is also game like 8 ball pool.

This game is India’s most liked and grossing game.

Teen Patti play store pic

A game of Moonfrog that gave a big hit to many game lovers, it’s a card game which is widely liked by card lovers.

Where you can try your luck in many features of games and can bet how much they want.

Google Play store:

Size: Varies with device

Downloads: 50,000,000+

Version: 5.85

Review: With 4.1 star out of 5 this game is of the game like 8 ball pool.

Apple app store:

Size: 89.9 MB

Reviews: with 4.1 out of 5 this game is also having a great IOS fans.

Winding up:

Games are important and very important for a mind to relax, and get sharp your mind.

There are several games who are like each other, wherein this article there are only some famous games are discussed who are worldwide famous and can be found on every mobile.

8 ball is the king of the online games with small size apps and no other games like 8 ball pool can be like that.

8 ball still have a great craze of playing and many game lovers play that game and participate in tournaments where players from the world participate.





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